Consumer Mailing Lists

…when it comes to marketing to consumers, it’s personal

Effective consumer marketing begins with selecting the right audience: prospects that most closely resemble your best customer. This requires the ability to develop your consumer mailing list based upon many differentiating demographic and psychographic attributes.

we offer custom mailing lists that reach your ideal customer

promarkdirect employs hundreds of the largest and most accurate databases that include both physical addresses and email addresses. We can objectively source the very best data to meet your marketing needs, making it easy for you to efficiently reach your prime prospects.

we identify the right consumers for better marketing ROI

Precision in selection gets you the best return on your investment by not wasting your marketing budget soliciting unqualified prospects. With promarkdirect’s comprehensive database you can build your consumer mailing list using key demographics and psychographics such as:

consumer selects

– who they are
  • age
  • income
  • marital status
  • ethnicity
  • religious affiliation
  • gender
  • birthdate
  • net worth
  • presence of children
  • age of children
  • pet owners
  • milestone events
  • dwelling type
  • home value
  • new moves
  • newly engaged
  • vehicle information

psychographic selects

– why they buy
  • multi-generational households
  • sports interest
  • philanthropy
  • giving patterns
  • voting habits
  • buying activity
  • hobbies
  • collectors
  • arts and entertainment interests
  • travel desires
  • home improvers

and many other demographic and psychographic indicators

we provide up-to-date, verified data

In addition to employing the most comprehensive data you will find for your consumer mailing list, our data is continually updated for demographic and psychographic accuracy, as well as deliverability in conjunction with the US Postal Service and email verification update services.

how our mailing lists enhance your consumer marketing efforts

Accurate targeting fosters good segmentation among your prospect pool, and good segmentation of your prospect base allows you to tailor the look and content of your offer in relation to the personal attributes, likes and preferences of the individuals you are targeting. This type of personalization is the key to what gets your marketing message noticed and motivates your consumer prospect to act.

promark’s priority is to understand your business and your customers, so we can build a consumer mailing list that will ensure your email and direct mail efforts fit your marketing strategy and work seamlessly with your overall marketing plan. This is a key element to cutting through the market clutter, delivering an effective message, and inspiring your prospect to engage and respond.

We would love to help you get started building a consumer mailing list that will make your next marketing campaign successful. Call or contact us today!

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