Creative Design

…a picture is worth a thousand words

How does this picture make you feel? It would certainly pique almost anyone’s interest. Notice that any of the tag lines to the right would work here.

You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but in a climate of 24/7 multichannel marketing opportunities you only have seconds to connect with your prospect, grab their attention, and make them want to act. How do you do that? Great creative design is a major contributing factor, and a picture can sum up a paragraph’s worth of explanation in just one glance and goes much further in connecting emotionally than just written words do. Sure, consumers take in all the facts and compare products and services, but at the end of the day emotion is a key factor in making a purchasing decision. Yes, the old “sizzle not the steak” is still true! More importantly, appealing to emotion is what gets their attention in the first place:

“Advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content – by a factor of…2-to-1 for print ads.”
Post published by Peter Noel Murray Ph.D. in Inside the Consumer Mind

promark provides innovative ideas in creative design not just limited to layout, content and graphics but also vehicle and personalization of your message. This strategy will cut through the barrage of ads and information that people receive every day and catch your prospects’ and customers’ attention while meeting your marketing objectives.

Our expertise in strategic marketing extends to the creative design and development of highly effective marketing pieces across multiple channels such as:

  • direct mail and direct response materials – from self-mailers like postcards and special envelopes to custom designed packages with die cut brochures and promo items
  • diverse collateral materials – such as brochures, sell sheets, banners and posters
  • email advertising
  • social media campaigns
  • web design

Your creative design is developed with expertise while keeping efficiency in mind.

  • your direct mail marketing package and collateral materials:  will have visual appeal, compelling content, a strong brand presence, and can be customized to provide variety in advertising depending on subsets within each target marketing group, all while keeping a keen eye on maintaining maximum postage savings.
  • your email marketing package:  will be graphically stimulating and have enticing tag and teaser lines sure to command clicks, while still being responsive so it will be viewed perfectly on any device, from cell phone to desktop!
  • your social media campaigns:  will captivate in seconds with enticing visuals, compelling calls to action and brand recognition.
  • your website:  will embody your brand and tell your story in a glance with graphics selected for a look with exclusivity to your brand.

promark’s creative customization will make you stand out from your competition, highlighting your unique value proposition while reinforcing your company’s brand identity, in an emotionally appealing way that will inspire your prospects to engage and respond. We can support and enhance your current brand identity or redesign it! The result is a superior marketing piece, maximum effectiveness and the most value for your marketing budget.

Call or contact promark today and let’s discuss how innovative creative design can help you attract and engage for a more effective marketing campaign!

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