Data Analytics

Data Analytics

…the devil’s in the details!

So you have this great database, you’ve scrubbed it up, you’ve optimized it by appending key demographic and psychographic information, created a customer profile, segmented your markets, and you’ve done your first direct mail and/or email campaign. Great, but guess what. You’re just beginning your journey on using data to drive results!

The next step is to, what we like to call, “wash, rinse and repeat”! You need to analyze the results of your marketing efforts so that you can further understand what is working, what is not and how you should tweak your marketing efforts to refine your strategy and hone in closer to your target audience, get them engaged and inspire them to take action. Here’s how promark can help.

campaign analysis

  • What is campaign analysis? Campaign analysis is compiling the results of a direct mail, email, social media, ad word or any other type of marketing campaign and analyzing your successes.
  • How do you use it? The value in analyzing your campaign successes is that you can capitalize on them by enhancing or repeating them in your next marketing effort. In addition, you inevitably see where your campaign fell short. You can then make an informed decision to either refine your approach to what is perhaps still an untapped market or understand that these particular prospects are not really part of your target market and not pursue them in future marketing endeavors.

responsive modeling

  • What is responsive modeling? Responsive modeling is the process of comparing two groups of data, like purchasers vs non purchasers or engagement vs non engagement.
  • How do you use it? This type of modeling gives you the ability to go beyond the basic customer profile attributes and really hone in on finding the prospects that are most likely to take the desired action to whatever the goal to your marketing campaign is.

predictive modeling

  • What is predictive modeling? It is the technique promark uses to compare two or more groups within a market segment of your customers to determine what causes action.
  • How do you use it? Different from your customer profile, which tells you what your customer looks like, predictive modeling tells you why your customer acts so you can use whatever inspired that motivation to influence customer action going forward.

These are just some of the ways we can help you analyze your data. Most importantly, promark data analytics does not stop there. We follow up our analyzation with statistics and reporting that will bring enlightenment to what the results actually mean, and we will work with your team to develop a strategy and next steps to refine your marketing program so you can continue to drill down to moving your customers and prospects along in the sales funnel and achieving marketing success.

When it comes to data, the devil really is in the details – which means there is where the opportunity lies. It can be difficult to compile and analyze your campaign result successfully if you do not have the right software in place, but promark does and can help with your data analytics. We will do the work for you, from collecting the data, analyzing it, compiling it into a comprehensive report to advising next steps. Give us a call or contact us today. We’d love to get you started on using data analytics to guide your marketing strategy.

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