Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

…sometimes less is not more!

Your customer database can be a gold mine of critical insight for your marketing strategy. The quality of your inhouse client file is a key element to profiling your customers, segmenting your markets, making product and service improvements and decisions, and using your marketing dollars as efficiently as possible. promark can “patch the holes” and “fill in the gaps” that are missing to give you a clear picture of who your best customers are, while updating and organizing your customer database to create a powerful marketing asset.

We start by cleansing your data with good data hygiene practices. We will

  • update your addresses
  • add email addresses
  • clean up your fields
  • remove duplicates

Once your data is cleansed, that’s where the magic begins. promark will enhance its value by appending key demographic information critical to profiling your customers and enhancing your marketing channels. Appended data includes geographic, demographic and psychographic attributes for both businesses and consumers.

  • for consumers: promark can append
    • demographic attributes to tell you who your customer is. Examples would be age, income, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, birthdate, net worth, presence and age of children, pet owners, milestone events, dwelling type, home value, new moves, newly engaged, vehicle information and more.
    • psychographic attributes to tell you why your customer buys. Examples would be multi-generational households, sports interest, philanthropy, voting habits, buying activity, hobbies, collectors, arts and entertainment, travel desires, home improvers and more.
  • for businesses: we can append type of service or product offered, sales volume, number of employees, number of locations, location addresses, growth or decline in business, company anniversary, headquarter and branch locations, key contacts, phone number, years in business, and web address among many other categories available for appending.

Once your data has been enhanced with all the attributes that give a clear picture of who your customers are and why they buy, you can use this information to:

  • develop a clear customer profile
  • define your prospect pool
  • divide your customers and prospects into market segments
  • decide what channels are best for each segment
  • determine the exact message that will engage your customers and prospects

By enhancing your inhouse data, you will increase the value and quality of your database by illuminating the critical attributes that make up your customers.  This in turn will facilitate the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy that will be effective and efficient, getting you the results you want.

According to a report by Harvard Business School, one in three business leaders do not feel their inhouse data is reliable when it comes to making important strategic decisions. Is your data up-to-date and complete? Give us a call or contact us. We would love to help you with your data enhancement and turn your inhouse database into a gold mine!

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