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develop a successful integrated marketing strategy

It goes without saying, it is more important than ever to have an integrated marketing strategy that is developed with engagement and timeliness as the priority in order to get optimal results.  Consumers are bombarded every day with so many messages coming from all directions – text ads, popup ads, social media, direct mail, email, even TV ads in line at the grocery store; and yet they have less time than ever to pay attention, much less read them. You not only have to pique your customer or prospect’s interest with your message, you have to do it at exactly the right time.  In addition your integrated marketing strategy has to be practical, a plan that your time allows for executing and that fits into your budget.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you roll out your marketing efforts for 2016.

  • Crystalize your objectives:
    • Make sure you have a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish with each marketing effort. It can range from increased customer engagement to regaining lost customers to acquiring new leads.
    • Consider the various marketing channels you have available to you, as well as the amount of marketing dollars you have for your effort.
  • Customize your message:
    • Make sure each message you send is customized to specific market segments.
    • Determine what channels (direct mail, email, social media, tweet, SEO and pay-per-click) will be most effective for each segment in your integrated marketing strategy. Your customer profile for each market segment will help you make these decisions.
  • Optimize your channels:
    • Define your integrated marketing strategy, which is a structure of the distribution sequence via the appropriate marketing channels for your message to each market segment. This could include the order in which they are deployed through each channel, whether some will coincide, how they will link and what the timing will be. Remember, determining the appropriate timing for each market segment and each message is key! For example, consider when the demand for your product or service is most needed and balance that with each demographic’s attention and response times.
    • Make sure all direct mail efforts are executed as efficiently as possible so you do not waste money marketing to non-deliverable addresses. Your in-house mailing list should be cleaned and updated, and make sure any mailing list you use is current. Data hygiene is a must! Also, be certain all email deployments are directed to opt-in participants only to avoid being black listed as a spammer.
    • Touch your audience many times over a reasonable period of time. Conventional wisdom was a message had to touch a client or prospect at least three times to have an imprinted impact. Today, many leaders in the industry suggest touching your audience a minimum of 12 times. Keep in mind, you don’t have to break the bank to do it! Using links in your messages and offers, along with less expensive channels like tweets and blogs, you can add up your touches very quickly without overspending your budget.
  • Analyze your results:
    • Track the results of each channel you employed in your campaign.
    • Compare the results for each channel, and pay close attention to how the results were affected by cross channel marketing (i.e., links in emails leading to website, QR code on direct mail piece leading to landing page, etc.)
    • Tweak your marketing plan based upon the results you achieved. It is critical to keep your marketing plan alive, constantly changing as you have the opportunity to analyze your marketing results.
  • Reprise, a.k.a. Play It Again Sam!
    • Repeat! Once you have gotten through the first cycle and made the appropriate changes to your plan, set new timing and hit your customers and prospects again. Remember, if you are not talking to them, someone else is!


Best of luck in all of your marketing efforts in 2016!!

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