Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

boost opt-in rates.. . outsource your email marketing to the pros!

Email marketing is a cost-effective and time sensitive way to communicate with your prospects and customers PROVIDED it is properly executed. Successful campaign strategies require thought, time and expertise. promark offers full, outsourced email marketing services that include developing your content, selecting your graphics, html conversion, and deployment all in compliance with FTC regulations.

how our email marketing services work:

  • email campaign development

    Whether it is a newsletter, a special limited time offer, a blog or an industry update we can craft an email message that is:

    • relevant – We will make sure your marketing message is meaningful to the audience you are speaking to. For example, take the market segments of customers and prospects. For customers you want to craft a message to engage with information they find useful, whereas for a prospect your aim is to introduce your product or service and incentivize them to act.
    • eye catching – The first order of business is always to get your customer or prospect’s attention, which in this environment of information overload is no easy feat. We will develop an email subject line and teaser line that will grab the attention of your audience. We will include compelling, eye catching graphics within the body of your email that will quickly engage your audience and entice them to read on.
    • easy to use – We will include live links in your email which act as an easy way for customers and prospects to navigate to your website with just a click! And of course, our email deployment platform is responsive in design, so no matter what device your customer or prospect is viewing the email will display properly.
  • compliance with email marketing rules and regulations

    Deploying an email marketing campaign requires adherence to strict FTC rules that are designed to protect recipients from unwanted offers and scams. Any time you deploy mass emails you are subject to these regulations. If you are not familiar with the requirements, you run the risk of being labeled as a “spammer”. Once an organization is tagged, your domain name can be entered into an industry database that is integrated into widely used ad blocking software and your day-to-day business messaging and marketing campaigns can be intercepted, relegating your message to the spam folder. promark ensures that our internal email files and customer files we deploy are validated for accuracy and comply with all FTC requirements to protect recipients, as well as your reputation and brand.

  • real-time tracking & robust reporting

    Email marketing provides another opportunity to track results. Our services include real-time tracking so you can analyze the engagement and response of your customers and prospects. When you outsource your email campaigns to promarkdirect, you will receive reporting that quantifies how many individuals opened your message, how many clicked through to your website and where they navigated within your website. By receiving direct online responses, you will also be developing your own inhouse email opt-in database for future use.

why outsource your email marketing to promarkdirect?

With all the best intentions, executing your own email marketing campaigns can prove problematic in many ways – oversight in adhering to regulations, compelling content that gets results, or simply finding the time to get it done. promarkdirect is an expert at developing, deploying, tracking, analyzing and refining successful email campaigns. Let us join your team, take away the worry, and put together an email marketing campaign that will go out on target, on time and get results.

Outsource your email marketing services to us and have more prospects opt-in. Call or contact us now!

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