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How to Get Mailing List Addresses that Reach the Right Audience

how to get mailing list addresses that reach the right audience…

and how promark will deliver the customized mailing list you need for marketing success:

  • we find the audience that most closely resembles your best customers:

    In order to have the right audience, you need to target prospects who fit the profile of your best current and future customers. Depending on the type of mailing list you are looking for, here is what you need to consider:

    • B2C customer lists – For a consumer mailing list you want to pinpoint the audience based upon the demographic (who they are) and psychographic (why they buy) attributes that make up the profile of your best current and future customers. Demographics, or who your customers are, tells you where to find your prospects, and psychographics reveal what motivates your prospects to become new customers.
    • B2B and specialty lists – For a business mailing list or specialty mailing list you want to make sure you are reaching key decision makers. The speed at which technology advances has meant that companies change faster than they ever, and their employees, product offerings and services change as well. Staying abreast of an evolving marketplace is challenging. In addition to targeting the demographics of your key customers with attributes like type of business, number of employees, sales volume, growth or decline in sales, etc., you also want to make sure you are getting contact information (name, address, phone number) for the individuals within organizations that make the buying decision for your specific product or service.
  • we understand who your prospects are and what motivates them to buy:

    Before an effective mailing list can be built you need to crystalize an in-depth customer profile so you are able to pinpoint those consumers or businesses with the attributes that fit your target audience. We start this process by attaching demographic, and for consumers psychographic, elements to each of your customers that paint a detailed picture of who they are. We then compile the data and refine your customer base down to subsegments, which facilitates speaking to each subsegment in your new mailing list in a way that is engaging, impactful and relevant for each one resulting in maximum response. And, precision in selection gets you the best return on your investment by not wasting your marketing budget soliciting unqualified prospects or misdirecting offers.

  • we provide a mailing list that is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date:

    promark delivers the most extensive, current mailing lists on the market. We utilize highly comprehensive and accurate databases available from a multitude of resources, which allows us to objectively locate the absolute best data to meet your marketing needs. Many times, this results in a hybrid mailing list that is akin to pulling the cream off the top of a pool of milk. You are getting a mailing list that allows the best selections to rise to the top. Below is a summary of a case study done by promark that is a perfect example of how this method works more effectively at producing highly targeted data than what single sourced companies offer:


    CLIENT: Ultra Luxury Golf Resort


    • The client traditionally used a single sourced list focusing on basic demographics (geography, age, income, gender).
    • The feeling was that this approach was too narrow resulting in lost opportunities for prospects and at the same time too broad including individuals that were not as close to the customer profile as desired.
    • A customer profile was done on the existing customer base and some key findings revealed missed opportunities for prospective members. For example, a large portion of their current customer base were members of the medical community who traveled quite far to enjoy their facilities.
    • The new approach combined multiple sources in addition to the basic demographics, such as state licensing information, American Medical Association members, and various golf publication subscribers in addition to an expanded demographic and psychographic search based on upon additional characteristics attributed to the core customer database.
    • The various buckets of data we collected were combined into one bank, manipulated, and segmented allowing us to pull the optimum prospective prospect pool. Marketing materials were developed for each of the subsegments considering messaging, graphics, offers and channels that were best for each of those subsegments.

    KEY FINDINGS: The initial marketing campaign utilizing the new method performed better than the previous method by producing a 17% increase in response over the traditional method used.

  • we provide you with physical addresses, email addresses and a full portfolio of information where available:

    Our final mailing list product to you will provide full physical mailing addresses, as well as key contact information, together with email addresses where available. This multichannel marketing approach is key to moving prospects along in the engagement and response funnel more quickly.  For individuals, we can provide a full demographic and psychographic breakout, and for businesses a comprehensive portfolio of company indicators, along with phone number and web address, to help you and your sales team put together a complete picture of each prospect to help you strategize your sales approach.

Whether you are looking for a consumer mailing list, business mailing list, or specialty mailing list there are three key elements that make your mailing list an effective marketing tool:

  • finding the audience that most closely resembles your best customers
  • understanding who your prospects are and what motivates them to buy
  • getting data that is accurate and up to date.

Direct marketing guru Edward Mayer identified the “40-40-20 rule”, explaining that you could credit the success of a direct marketing campaign as follows:

  • 40% on reaching the right audience
  • 40% on the offer you are making
  • 20% on creative implementation

When you understand that forty percent of your success means having the right mailing list, it is critical that your audience selection is on target and its accuracy is top notch. That means having a mailing list targeted to reach the right prospects – with correct, up-to-date addresses.

If you are looking for a comprehensive, accurate and effective mailing campaign, please give us a call or contact us to discuss how we can develop the most targeted mailing list available, customized to your needs to better achieve your marketing goals.

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