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marketing across platforms

tablet-313002_960_720Technology development has changed the game for marketers. Given that 84% of American adults own some type of web-enabled device, the level of influence is not surprising. More ways to get online means greater marketing opportunities, and your business needs to be present. However, it’s not as simple as just having a website or an online advertising campaign. You need to consider how your content appears on different devices, how your systems identify potential customers, and how to keep your marketing consistent across all platforms. Done correctly, this can really enhance the impact of your marketing efforts, as well as improve customer experience.

Most of us are comfortable navigating a website from a desktop or laptop. Additionally, most websites are designed to be used on a computer. However, even the most pristine website can look sloppy when viewed from other devices. Make sure you format you website in a way that is compatible with mobile devices, as well. This will help it to load faster, be visually appealing, and even yield a higher conversion rate when accessed from a mobile device. For advice about ways to adapt your website to be mobile-friendly, we recommend checking out this helpful website.

Cross-platform marketing programs minimize the disconnect between potential customers accessing your website from various web-enabled devices. For example, someone could view your website from their laptop, tablet and smartphone. Without the right program in place, your systems will recognize this as three different users, rather than as one user simply using different platforms. This is particularly important because roughly one in three Americans owns a computer, smartphone and tablet. To accurately track the results of a cross platform campaign, it is critical to know views and clicks by individuals as well as by platform.  In addition, those that own all three also tend to spend more time online than the average person, which makes them an especially valuable demographic to you as a marketer.

If you have different offers for different audiences (ex. free trial for new customers or 10% off next purchase for current customers), it is especially important that you recognize when the same customer uses multiple platforms. If a current customer who normally uses a computer starts seeing promotions for new customers when using their tablet, it creates confusion and makes the customer feel less valued. Programs such as Mobile Web Cookie, Google’s Advertising ID (Android) and Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (iOS) are all helpful tools to use to streamline your advertising to the correct audience across all of their devices.

There is so much potential for great success when marketing across platforms but there are also a lot of nuances to watch out for in order to have maximum results with both customers and prospects who use some or all platforms.  We think you will find these tips valuable in your own campaign success, so best of luck and happy marketing!

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