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understanding nonprofit postal permit benefits can mean lower cost, faster delivery & increased donations

Understanding the benefits of your nonprofit postal permit can save you marketing dollars and impact your bottom line. Here are a few tips, things every nonprofit should know before mailing:

  1. You do need to consider post office options – The USPS has entry discounts for mail delivered to distribution centers, which can reduce your postage budget by 15% – 25% for larger quantities. Check with your direct mail vendor to be sure they are using this option to get you the very lowest rates. Essentially your mail will be trucked by private carriers to your local USPS mail distribution center making you eligible for lower postage and faster delivery.  A win-win!
  2. You don’t need to watch your weight – The USPS allows those mailing with nonprofit status to mail up to four ounces for a single flat rate, so don’t try to stay under one ounce. Here’s an opportunity to share important details on how contributions are helping your organization’s mission, that ultimately will lead to broader appeal and hopefully higher donations. More for less!
  3. You do need to watch your content – If you have a sponsor with a special offer to be included in your appeal be sure there is no commercial component. An offer by a sponsor to donate 10% of their sales may not pass the USPS nonprofit “sniff test”. Your direct mail professional should be sure that the USPS Mail Acceptance Unit approves the offer well in advance of your execution and mail date so you can avoid costly delays. If you find out you don’t qualify once the mail is at the post office you either have to delay the mailing and reprint everything (which is a cost) or mail at the higher postage rate. The differential can be multiples of what you have budgeted, eating into your contributions dollar for dollar.

promark is taking this month to salute all of our nonprofits who work so hard to be first responders and advocates for those in need. Thank you for all you do!

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