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get the most out of your marketing budget by optimizing AdWords performance

AdWords are an absolute for facilitating search engine results, a priority in any good marketing strategy, but without proper monitoring a company can find itself outspending their budget and not getting the results they want. There are many facets to AdWords that need to be scrutinized when evaluating the success of your strategy, but here’s a few hints for maximizing your results and minimizing your marketing costs:

Check the performance – Look at your reporting regularly to evaluate what keywords are performing well and what keywords are not. Your quality score is a good guide, but remember that the score is made up of three components: click through rate, relevance and the landing page experience.  Make sure you look at each of these components individually and make the necessary adjustments.  If you can’t get all three to optimal quality, two out of three goes a long way to getting your score up.  Also, keywords that don’t perform well can actually be added to your negative word list.

Remember the negatives – make sure you address the negative AdWord list in addition to your selected AdWords. What you don’t want is just as important as what you do (words like “free” are generally not something you want associated with your products or services).

  • Brainstorm variations of your keywords that buyers may be searching for that would waste a click. An example would be beach bags. You would want to eliminate all other types of bags, like garbage bags.
  • Be sure to include singular form, plural, alternate phrasing and synonym matches for your keywords.
  • Negative keywords and broad match are a common combination to ensure the widest possible relevant reach, but be careful not to have any overlap with your regular AdWords or your ad will not show.

Try branded keywords – for example, let’s say you sell the infamous widgets. Consider adding a branded keyword, such as Wanda’s Widgets for your customers who may be looking for you in particular.  This will guarantee they find you before another widget company gets seen first.

Modify your bids – Look at how your bids are performing and tweak them to work the best for you. You can tweak your bids by AdWords, day of the week, time of day and even location.  This is a great way to maximize your marketing budget’s performance.

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