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think globally, direct mail locally . . . when location matters

When location, location, location is key to your marketing success, direct mail provides business owners with a distinct advantage. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Better Exposure – Direct mail is experiencing a resurgence. While the difficulty of cutting through the sheer volume of email and social media marketing could be a key player in the change, there are other findings. According to United States Postal Service Research, 67% of consumers see mail as being more personal than the internet, 55% actually look forward to receiving it, and individuals spend approximately 30 minutes viewing their mail at any given time (significantly more than the time they spend reading digital advertising). Other findings, such as those resulting from a neuroscience case study found that the physical contact with marketing offers, such as direct mail, leaves a much deeper and more personal impact on the recipient than digital marketing.
  • Optimal Geographical Targeting – Unlike digital, print and other forms of advertising, direct mail GPS style targeting allows you to pinpoint a geographical location not just by radius or zip code. You can actually target areas on specific sides of major roads or other obstacles that while they may be in a desired radius they create geographical resistance.
  • Continually Emerging Prospects – Rather than remailing an entire location to make sure you reach new residents, direct mail offers the opportunity to specifically target just new arrivals, or “new moves”, in between your larger campaigns.
  • Personalized Messaging – The combination of smaller, more targeted prospect pools and the advent of variable data have made it easy and more affordable to personalize your message to the recipient based upon a variety of attributes such as age, gender, interests and need. This powerful combination results in ideal relevancy to your prospect.

Combine a compelling message, visual appeal and a strong call to action with a direct mail campaign and you can significantly boost your brand’s imprint on your prospective customers.

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