Print Services

Print Services

our printing company makes sure every detail in your print specifications are met on time and on budget

…because image is everything!

Not understanding the important role printing plays in marketing mix is a huge oversight and a lost marketing opportunity many companies make. It is a well-known fact that print advertising

  • leaves a bigger footprint on the brain than digital marketing alone,
  • conjures positive brand association (because touching something ignites more emotion due to utilization of a specific part of the brain that is required to comprehend touch), and
  • increases response exponentially when utilized in conjunction with digital platforms.

So, when it comes to print marketing, you want to get the best print services available.

we use the most up-to-date print service technology

Our northern New Jersey production center offers a full range of printing capabilities that will fit your needs and your budget. Here are some of the print options we have to offer and how they can work for your company:

  • 4-color digital printing

    4-color digital printing has changed the landscape of print advertising by offering possibilities to budget conscious companies. It has also become a competitor to social and digital platforms when it comes to timing because it is:

    • more economical – By not having to keep a large inventory of printed materials so they are ready to go to market quickly, print on demand allows smaller quantities to be printed faster and cheaper while eliminating the cost of storage.
    • more relevant – By printing more frequently and faster, print materials can change on the fly as needed to stay current and relevant to your company’s target audience.
    • more personal – By doing smaller lots it is easier to personalize your print materials to subsegments within your customer and prospect pools. It can be more relevant graphics and copy for a particular subsegment, or you can go all the way with personal variable data.
  • variable data printing

    Using variable data in your print advertising allows you to take personalization to whole new level. You not only can address your customers and prospects by name, you can include their previous purchase or shopping preferences, customize your offer to their specific needs and adjust the call to action based upon what history shows is most effective with that individual. Bottom line, you just increased your company’s relevancy and effectiveness to everyone within your customer or prospect pool exponentially.

  • offset printing

    Traditional offset printing offers efficiency and effectiveness in ways 4-color printing cannot. Two great examples are:

    • color quality – When an exact color match is critical for your company’s branding or effectiveness, offset printing allows you to hone in on the color vibrancy and pop that you need.
    • high quantity – When larger lots are needed, offset printing becomes the more economical choice for print advertising.
  • folding, collating and binding

    The final printing step to making your letter, brochure or catalog look polished and professional.

  • die cutting

    Ad some splash and pizzazz to your print materials by customizing a unique shape using die cutting techniques. promark offers a full range of options to make your print advertising as unique as your company’s brand.

we can handle any print job, large or small

Our company can print any marketing materials you might need, including:

  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • posters
  • business cards
  • stickers
  • and more

More importantly, in addition to providing your company with printing services, we can help you with any aspect of your marketing campaign where you need assistance.

From market strategy and planning, to mailing list creation, graphic design, content creation, print or mail services, and tracking, our team of professionals can guide you through the process to produce a marketing piece that is engaging and effective in getting results!

Turn your printing needs over to promark. Call or contact us today!

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