SEO & Pay-Per-Click

SEO & Pay-Per-Click

…don’t play hide and seek!

As part of any strategic marketing plan, promark begins a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click marketing campaign by doing the research necessary to crystallize your brand, your position against your competition, and your customers’ interests and needs so that we can formulate keywords for your online efforts. While this is an organic process that is always growing and changing, good SEO and pay-per-click results start with knowing your brand, your competition and your customers before you jump in.

promark will perform the customer profile analysis necessary to gain information needed to know who your prospects are, where they look and what they look for. This research is formulated into a strategic marketing plan that includes keywords, market segments, and insights essential to being found by your prospects. The marketing plan will comprehensively outline an SEO and a pay-per-click strategy – both essential to balance short- and long-term marketing goals.

  • pay-per-click – promark will provide strategy and management for your company of the major search engines utilizing pay-per-click systems (including Google AdWords) that will drive traffic to your website instantly.
  • organic search engine optimization (SEO) –
    • promark will manage social media, blogs and content that are relevant to your customers and prospects, true to your brand, engaging, and consistent. This lays the groundwork for building a web presence organically – one that search engines will find even without pay-per-click solutions such as Google AdWords.
    • We will also manage the backend of your website where the magic happens, constantly monitoring traffic, refining keywords, developing new avenues for your site to be found, and checking on the changing mechanical landscape so your pages remain crawler responsive.

Of course, a plan is only as good as it works! Your SEO and pay-per-click results will be tracked and analyzed, and that analysis will serve as a guideline for moving forward. We keep what’s working and change or eliminate what is not in order to maximize your exposure to and response from your key prospects, getting results in the most economical way!

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