Strategic Multichannel Marketing

Strategic Multichannel Marketing

…targeted, tailored, timely, tested

email increases its power when deployed in conjunction with postal mail. Add a targeted social media campaign and you have increased your prospect or client touch exponentially. promark’s strategic multichannel marketing approach includes the solutions for companies seeking targeted multichannel opportunities to reach their customers and prospects. Several critical advantages are:

  • your exposure, or “effective frequency” process of imprinting your brand, is accelerated
  • your message is reinforced, making it more powerful
  • your prospect or customer has a choice of how to engage with you
  • you gain other dimensions of tracking and reporting
  • you get the opportunity to grow and own an opt-in database via responses, and get more likes and followers

promark will develop a strategic multichannel marketing strategy custom designed to you, your customers and prospects, your goals and your budget. We will develop a plan for each of your market sub-segments employing multiple channels in sync and at the right time to accelerate your exposure and brand awareness, a key to increased sales. Call or contact us today and let’s get started!

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