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the key to home healthcare marketing . . . hitting home! (part 2)

As a home healthcare agency, your marketing strategy must encompass many channels, and each channel needs to be addressed in a unique way to optimize your effectiveness.  As promised, to help you navigate is part two of our home healthcare marketing blog with some essential marketing strategies and tips.

Strategy: Work Your Channels Synergistically (continued)

  • Search Engine Optimization – make sure you can be found! Select the best keywords for your marketing strategy and brand, use them in all of your marketing content and test, analyze and tweak them.  Frequent new content via social media and blogging will support organic search growth.  For more details on optimizing ad words, see our blog 
  • Online Directories – there are many, and you don’t need to be on every one! Vendasta has put together a list of top 100 directories that includes the industry niche for each. It’s a great tool for exploring the various options.  You want to get listed on those that are relevant, and as important make sure you are listed correctly on those where you appear even though you did not register.

Strategy: Exploit Influencer Marketing

  • External influencers – the word influencer can be intimidating as it often provokes the feeling that you need (as I like to say) a Kardashian to lead the charge for your product. Not so!  As a matter of fact, a Kardashian is more than likely not your best mouth piece.  In your external influencer selection, you should select individuals who:
    • align with your brand either in what they do or have experienced
    • share your same cultural values and expression of them in all communications
    • have a lot of followers

External influencers can include local prominent figures, business leaders, vendors, and employees.

  • Internal influencers – be sure to take advantage of the tools available to be your own influencer.
    • blog on your website and share it on all your channels
    • join forums on social media
    • start your own conversation – LinkedIn is a great platform for this one

One important rule to follow here, offer advice as an expert and be a resource, but do not sell.  Hard selling in this arena will turn prospects off.  Allow your expertise to do the selling work for you.

Strategy: Maximize Your Human Resources

  • Referral Program – this can be utilized for employees and vendors in addition to patients.
  • Partnerships – outside of the obvious health care providers and insurance agencies, don’t forget financial advisors, long term care planners and even local churches and other organizations that support the elderly.

We hope you have uncovered some new strategies that you can put to work in your marketing effort to build your business.  If you missed part one of this blog, be sure to check it out.

Best of luck, and happy marketing!

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