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video marketing – are you ready for your closeup?

Video marketing has become key to engaging the widest pool of prospects for many reasons.  First, movement in video marketing gets more attention than static ad marketing because, simply put, movement attracts attention.  For the viewer, getting information via video is passive and easy, and for the marketer it prompts engagement, evokes memory, and is more likely to be shared, three critical marketing goals.  Still in doubt?  Here’s a few stats to chew on:

Simply put, video marketing has become a necessity. So how does one begin to incorporate video marketing into their mix?  First consider your brand, and from that determine what the look and feel of your company’s videos should be.  Then do some research for best practices.  It’s okay to see what others are doing . . . good art always needs a little inspiration. A great way to get started is to look at videos that are trending, especially those of your competitors.  That’s not to say you want to copy them, but with an eye on your brand and what you have to say, look at other videos and consider:

  • varying art styles – which one seems aligned most with your brand
  • opening shots – what shot made you want to see more
  • best visuals – what visuals catch your eye and make the most lasting impression
  • methods of storytelling – how is the story being told, and what makes it interesting
  • animated vs live action – what are the differences between the two and which one would work better with your story

Good news here, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment.  Again, this depends on your brand and what you will use your video marketing for, but for simple social media marketing messages you can video using your phone.  The key will be good editing software.  Once you lay out what your video production entails, you should shop the various software options available and see which one meets your needs.  The selection is plentiful and can be purchased inexpensively, if not downloaded for free.

Understanding trends and capitalizing from them in the moment is pivotal to successful marketing. On that note, video marketing simply cannot be ignored. Converting your static content to video will create a stronger, more effective presence in the marketplace for your brand, and will inspire creativity for your company internally.  And, it can be fun . . . so, get started today . . . we look forward to seeing your success!

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