Web Design & Development

…behind every good website

Behind every effective website is an excellent website designer. For many of your prospects, landing on your website will be their first impression of you. You only have seconds to capture their attention, pique their interest, and inspire them to click through to the next step of becoming a customer. Your website is a key selling tool in achieving your company objectives and must appeal to your customers’ and prospects’ needs. An effective website has to be easily navigated by the end user as well as the owner. promark will design and develop a website unique to your brand that can seamlessly accomplish both the front- and back-end needs of a premier website.

…up front

Capturing your brand and relaying that message to your prospects is critical. At promark we work carefully with our clients to select just the right graphics and develop copy that uniquely reflect your brand while supporting the sales objectives of your company. It is never one size fits all, because we understand the importance of conveying your message in a way that differentiates you from your competition and includes a strong call to action.

Alongside strong, consistent company branding, a website has to be a positive experience for the user.  We will design a website that speaks to your target audience, addresses their needs, and is pleasurable and exciting, focusing on key elements like a comprehensive homepage, easy navigation, and ample contact opportunities.

…on the back end

While the design of your website is certainly a key element in its success, equally important is the development of the web platform. The back-end must be right in order to achieve all of the goals of the front end, or the design. promark will develop a technically solid web platform that will:

  • PERFORM EFFICIENTLY, with a well-developed code that maximizes navigation speed and eliminates redundancy.
  • PERFORM CONSISTENTLY, with a responsive design that views and navigates at the same top notch level regardless of the viewing device: a traditional desktop, a tablet or a phone.
  • PERFORM ANALYTICALLY, with a built in tracking and reporting system that you can easily access to evaluate and improve web performance.

In addition, promark will employ the proper wording, coding, and technology to ensure your website is easily accessible by all of the leading search engines. Being search engine friendly not only drives current prospects and customers directly to your website, but it also builds an organic presence for your company that fuels search engine rankings.

As important as it is for your website to be easy for your customers to use, it is equally important that it is easy for you to manage the content. One of keys to holding the interest of your audience, as well as optimizing search engine optimization, is recent, relevant information – and that requires content management. promark will develop a website that is easy for you to manage so daily, weekly, or monthly content updates can be done simply and quickly.

Whether you are a startup company, launching a new product, or just need to update your current website, promarkdirect will design and develop a custom web platform that brings together your brand identity, your sales objectives, your client and prospect needs, and SEO to form a perfectly integrated marketing tool that works for you and your web visitors. Call or contact us today to learn how!

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